How Young Is Really Too Young for the Big B? 

Written By: Madison McDaniel


I think by now we all know the word Botox and what it means. Used for decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, it is known for being a magical little chemical age defyer that all your aunts, grandparents, moms and sisters are all hooked on. The real question is when is the right age to join in on the “anti-aging” movement? 19?…..25?….35?….45? The correct answer is there is no specific age because It can be used for many different things. Fine lines and wrinkles. Check! Slimming your jaw line? Check! Migraine reducer. CHECK!


There are so many different reasons to use Botox that can actually really help people and that’s the beauty of the entire Med-Spa industry. So proud to belong to the L Aesthetics family that based its company motto on helping others by helping them not only look great but feel great too!

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