Eyebrows on Fleek

Written by: Brielle Kirk, PA-C



Eyebrows are such an important part of the face that can often be overlooked. Although they tend to trend with different shapes and sizes, I always recommend following the natural shape with which you were born. Brows frame the face and allow our features to stand out, such as our eyes. Here are some ways to ensure that your brows are looking the best they can be!


1. Avoid over-plucking
– I feel like we all know this by now due to the trend of bold, thick brows, yet sometimes I’m surprised to see people rocking the overplucked look. Over-plucking overtime will cause hairs to not grow back in those areas and ruin the natural shape of the brow. If you get carried away with over-plucking your brows or you do not know how to shape them, see an esthetician to shape the brows correctly and schedule appointments every 6-8 wks.



2. Get some color on those brows.
– Some people have super light colored brows to the point where you cannot even see them! Adding a slightly darker color to the brows will help them frame your face and make your eyes pop. One can add color by makeup, tinting, or tattooing. I recommend it for people with a lot of brow hair but light color to get them tinted around 2 shades darker. If you are someone who has overplucked in the past or just does not have a lot of eyebrow hair, microblading or shading is a great option. Both options allow you to just wake up and go in the morning without taking the time to paint on your brows!




3. Get rid of “peach fuzz”

For hairy individuals, peach fuzz on the face can be a real problem, especially when it comes to brows. You may have plucked all of the dark, thicker brow hairs to perfection, but then you have all of these smaller, thinner, lighter hairs below and above the brows as well. This can make them appear hairy and even blurry. If you rid yourself of the peach fuzz in these areas, it will help your brows to look sharper and more defined. You can pluck to get rid of the peach fuzz, but this can be tedious. I’d recommend finding an esthetician to perform dermaplaning on the face. This is when a small, sharp razor is used to remove the peach fuzz from everywhere on the face. An added benefit of this is removing the dead skin cells, debris, and dirt from the face and leaving you with fresh skin!

At L-Aesthetics, we provide brow waxing, dermaplaning, and brow tinting by awesome licensed medical estheticians at each location. Please call our office at (512) 505-8645 to schedule today!

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