Why Customer Reviews Are So Important

Written by: Lauren Klein 

Why are online reviews important?

Online reviews are so important because they have become a reliable tool for consumers to be able to reference places and products before purchasing or making a decision. Although YELP has been around for about 16years, we now also have easy accessibility to Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so much more where reviews can live. Having access to the web has dramatically changed the way people make decisions for just about almost everything today.  This read will tell you key examples of why we think reviews are important for us. as a Med Spa at L-Aesthetics & Longevity


5 main reasons why online reviews are important:

1. Social Proof Initiates Purchasesonline-reviews-stats.jpg

90% of people first check out what their peers are saying about a business before making the decision to further the interaction. Therefore, reviews play a major role in sales. We are constantly looking at what other people do and if you like something you see from a friend you are going to want to hear all about it and where it came from.

Studies that have been carried out  found that up to 88% of the respondents trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. That fact that people are willing to trust total strangers in their decision making is a true reflection of data to acknowledge in understanding the importance of online reviews which are the biggest source of social proof,  that they do have an impact on sales.

2. They Get You Noticed


The more search engines you are on, and the more interaction you have to the public whether it is personal or online, the more you are viewed and more attention is brought to you. Each time L-Aesthetics & Longevity is viewed online that helps us in the cyber world with higher and higher rankings. The more eyes you have on your business, the better! The way customers are talking about you is just as important as the fact that they’re saying your name. Having a highly positive footprint will eventually help you drive more sales.

3. You Become Trusted

We have gained so much credibility as a whole team, but also as each individual provider. From word of mouth to written published reviews, the positive interactions we have with our patients do not go unnoticed. We have gained the trust of our patients to then relay that to their friends, family, and social accounts. This is how we maintain our loyal patients who keep coming back to us.


4. Accountability

With receiving 5 stars and holding a high standard to every team member, we stay accountable for how we act and treat our patients. From customer service to injecting, as a team we make sure to “shoot for the stars” if you will in hopes we will continue to receive the positive reviews.


5. Impact On Sales

The impact on sales that reviews in general have is huge. Are all reviews good reviews? I think yes! With positive reviews you are bound to have better sales and more foot traffic, but we know that we are all human and sometimes we do not always receive the best of reviews. That is okay! Although good reviews make us happy, we learn from the not so good ones also! Learning from experiences can only make us stronger and better as a brand. It is proven that 94% of online buyers said that a negative review has convinces them to avoid the business. This becomes key in us knowing that if we continue to receive bad reviews then business will obviously reflect that in sales. Having a positive presence online can have several advantages even when it comes to improvement.

Understanding the importance of any online reviews optimize customer experience and satisfaction for both the buyer and the consumer!

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