Virtual Consults at L Aesthetics and Longevity

Written by: Melissa Miller


What is a virtual consultation?


A virtual consultation is exactly what its name suggests – a consultation between you and our expert aesthetic team from the comfort and safety of your home. Virtual consultations are not something new to us. We have been using virtual consultations to enable patients near and far to access our services without making multiple trips to our office. At L Aesthetics and Longevity we can address all your aesthetic needs from skin care to injectables to bodysculpting. It’s quick and easy and done without ever having to step foot in our office. Here’s some tips to get ready for your consultation.


Before you schedule a virtual consultation, think about which procedure or procedures you might be interested in. You will also need to take photographs to submit along with your request to help us better understand your area(s) of concern. This will help us assess your individual situation and recommend options that might work best for you. In your photos, please be sure to not include your face (except in photos being submitted for face consults), use a solid background, and try to avoid having jewelry, piercings, or tattoos in the photos. 

Once you have submitted your photos and requested your virtual consultation, we can move forward with discussing your aesthetic goals. Your submitted photos and the information discussed in the virtual consultation will become part of your official patient chart. 


After your consult is complete, we will email you a copy of what we discussed. This will include treatment plans and pricing for the procedures. Moving forward with your treatments is easy at that point. Just call L Aesthetics and Longevity at 512-505-8645 and we will get you in one of our  4 Austin area offices to begin your aesthetic journey.


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