The Secret “Ingredient” to Reaching and Maintaining your Skin Goals!

Written by: Madison McDaniel

Whether you’re a skincare newbie or a seasoned skincare veteran there’s always something that’s easy, affordable and often an underestimated tactic to helping you achieve your skin care goals and that is….. NUTRITION! When combining healthy eating habits with regular skincare treatments and a consistent skincare regimen, you could have an unstoppable force that pushes you towards lasting and better results. One of the most common and known vitamins in skincare is Vitamin A also known as Retinol. It’s used in skincare products designed for aging skin and If you have already incorporated a Retinol In your daily routine then why not incorporate some natural ingredients to fight it from all angles internally and externally. Some natural sources of Vitamin A include carrots, dairy products, and fish liver oil ,the proper balance of intake could aid in the growth and repair of body tissues, bone formation and vision.

Another main fixture in your daily diet should definitely be some form of Vitamin C. Adding or keeping foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes or vegetables can be an easy addition with a ton of awesome benefits. Because Vitamin C helps prevent easy bruising and supports the healing process of your body as well as promoting collagen production it can even be a great asset to have implemented in your diet before getting treatments like Filler, or Microneedling. Ultimately It’s always good to check in with your regular skin care therapist for a proper skin analysis to make sure you have the best products to match the nutrients you’re already getting from your daily diet. Regular skincare treatments, the proper skincare products, and a balanced diet is definitely your triple threat to happy and healthy skin!

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