3 Tips for Skincare Newbies

Written by: Jennifer McClead
Starting something new can be daunting. Whether that’s a new job, moving to a new city, or a new skincare routine, it can often be overwhelming. As the newest member of “The L Team”, I’ve really enjoyed learning all about the various procedures, treatments, and products we offer. I’ve had bad acne and huge pores for years, so I’m really looking forward to trying out the Hydrafacial as well as our skincare products to finally clear up my skin issues. For those of you like me who are brand new to the world of MedSpas and responsible skincare, here’s a few things I’ve learned in my short time at L Aesthetics & Longevity:
  1. It’s all about trial and error. At L-Aesthetics & Longevity we have a selection of top notch skincare products from SkinMedica, EltaMD, and ZO SkinHealth, to name a few. Whether you are looking for help clearing up your skin, a better cleanser, correcting skin pigmentation, or even sun protection, we carry a variety of products that our providers personally recommend and use themselves. If you take home a product that doesn’t seem to be working, come back in for a consultation. Our providers can go over your skincare routine with you and find a way to make your new products work with you.
  2. Routine, routine, routine! After buying your new skincare products, stick to the routine. No matter how long work was, or how rambunctious your kids were, make sure you never skimp on your skincare routine. Your products work best when you stick to it! Let your provider know how much time you have each day to dedicate to skincare, so they can not only find products that work with your skin, but also your schedule.
  3. Check your current skincare products before you come in. What works for you? What doesn’t? I can’t be the only one with a cabinet at home of half-used skincare products. Take photos of what you use, and what you’ve tried in the past, so you can show your provider.  Schedule a free consultation with one of our aestheticians and bring pictures of what you’re using. Our aestheticians can then work with you to find substitutions to help you achieve your skincare goals!
And most of all, don’t stress about it! Achieving your skincare goals takes time, patience, and determination. Fine-tuning your routine and products is what we’re here for! Starting something new can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. And this year, I think we all deserve to treat ourselves and our skin to some pampering. 



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