SkinMedica’s Firm and Tone Lotion

By Dr Natalie Ledbetter


SkinMedica’s Firm and Tone Lotion for Body is a powerfully effective, targeted treatment formulated to prevent and address visible signs of body skin aging for a youthful, toned look.

Why you need this lotion.

Body skin aging begins as early as age 25. The skin on your body becomes thinner with age, which can further accelerate the visible signs of aging.  Starting on Firm and Tone can help slow this process before it begins. Even if the sagging has already begun to occur, this lotion can help!

This hydrating formula features a scientifically proven technology that targets five pathways in the skin related to fat and laxity and supports the extracellular matrix, increasing firmness and decreasing crepiness.

Firm and Tone promotes dermal extracellular matrix components and supports cellular clearance of toxins and recycling of nutrients. It enhances skin detoxification via the lymphatic system and provides antioxidant protection. It also supports balanced lipid metabolism and localized fat regulation.

SkinMedica's Firm and Tone Lotion
SkinMedica’s Firm and Tone Lotion

What does it do?

  • Diminishes crepey skin
  • Addresses uneven skin texture
  • Improves the appearance of body skin firmness and tone
  • Improves the look of sagging

In a head-to-head clinical study with twice daily use, investigators assessed the following improvements at 4, 8, and 12 weeks: on the upper arms for sagging. They assessed on the thighs for cellulite and on both the upper arms and thighs for skin smoothness, skin tone evenness, crepiness, body skin firmness, and body texture.

Firm & Tone Lotion showed significant visible improvements versus a leading professional-grade topical body lotion for body skin crepiness, texture, skin tone evenness, and smoothness.

Use of Firm and Tone causes significant results such as visibly tighter looking skin, with a smoother and more toned texture. So, if you want to prevent, slow down, or reverse changes in the skin of your body, give this lotion a try. You won’t be sorry that you did.

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