Acne Scar Removal in Austin, Texas

We’ve seen a recent surge in laser treatment for acne scar removal at our Austin MedSpa. And it makes sense. Just one laser resurfacing seems to do a bit of everything for age-reduction: tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, even-out skin tone, remove sun spots, reduce eye-bags, the list goes on and on...

         … but the benefits of fractional laser treatment are especially effective for acne scar removal.
Here’s why:

Uneven surfaces and acne scars can be caused from damage that occurs to skin cells and extends below the surface of the skin. Unlike sun-spot removal or rosacea treatment, acne scar removal requires a more aggressive treatment—one that treats both surface and deep skin damage. The ideal treatment affects both surface level and deep level skin damage at the same time. Addressing the full extent of damage in a single laser resurfacing treatment has a pronounced, synergistic effect on skin remodeling. The Halo Pro is one of the only technologies that can accomplish this in one combination treatment. That makes the Halo Pro laser one of the absolute best treatments for acne scar remodeling.

Acne Scar treatment requires full-spectrum tissue resurfacing

The Halo Pro is a hybrid fractional laser treatment that uses two different lasers at the same time to target the scar tissue. This instigates cellular remodeling of the damaged tissue and remodeling of collagen that has already formed. One laser targets the surface of the skin. the reproduction .

The other laser operates simultaneously on a deeper level, where most the damage occurs. At this level, the laser is able to break up the scar tissue itself, which instigates natural remodeling and regeneration of damaged scar tissue. Deep level resurfacing is one of the only ways to smooth out unevenness and restore damaged facial tissue.

This combination of lasers working simultaneously results in a complete remodeling of the tissue. The Halo Pro is one of the only available treatments that does this.

As an added bonus, the Halo Pro treatment does wonders for pore size reduction. This has an indirect benefit for treating acne scars. Small pores provide less of an area for dirt and oil and germs to hide.

For maximum results, we discovered that administering a Micro-needling treatment between two Halo Laser Facials amplifies maximizes effects. The micro needling treatment uses small needles to cause micro injuries to the tissue to encourage more collagen growth and collagen remodeling.

The most effective treatments for acne scar removal

To aid in the acne scar treatment process, we created a comprehensive laser and micro-needling combo treatment. The combination treatment includes two hybrid Halo laser treatments and one skinpen micro needling treatment. Almost all of our facial laser resurfacing patients see results instantly. No more covering up acne marks with layers of makeup. Add confidence and revitalize your self-image with the most comprehensive acne scar treatment available. In addition to treating acne scars, benefits of the Halo Pro include skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, sun spot removal, and pore shrinkage.

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