The Only Thing You Need to Wear This Summer is Your Skincare 

Writen By: Madison McDaniel



*SPF Bottle Check- There are two types of light waves that can cause damage to our skin. UVB rays which is what the number listed on the bottle protects you from. The second which Is called UVA rays which are just as damaging, causing wrinkles, and an overall increase in making your skin look aged. It’s important to choose an SPF that says “Broad Spectrum” meaning it protects you from both of those invisible cancer causing rays. 



Here at L Aesthetics & Longevity in Austin, we care about our patients. To better help them In our office, it starts by making sure everyone has the chance to get proper sun protection. That’s right, no Melanomas happening over here! Here are our leading SPFs to make sure you can keep the Summer Parties rolling all season long. 


Skin Medica’s Total Defense & Repair- Like the name suggests covers all your bases when it comes to sun exposure. Because it is broad spectrum It gives you protection against all UVA and UVB rays as well as……… Infrared Rays. This product also comes in a tinted version as well so it’s perfect for those lake or beach days when you’re just not interested in putting makeup on just to get it washed off. 


Skin Better’s Sun Better- Broad Spectrum mineral SPF, so protects against both the UVB and UVA rays. Sheer, and has a really nice smoothing effect to give you that natural look. What’s also awesome is this SPF is Water resistant up to 80 minutes and has acknowledgement from the Skin Cancer Foundation.


Skin Medicas Lumivive System- Two part system-one for daytime and one for nighttime. Pairs amazing with the Skin Medicas TDR, this offers an added bonus during the day to protect you against Bluelight, Pollution, and harmful sun rays. BONUS is the second product that comes in this system, It offers a repairing detox every night while you sleep and you wake up with that beautiful summer glow every morning. 


Come see any of us here at L Aesthetics & Longevity and we can get you hooked up with your summer season skincare must haves. Just remember Keeping Austin Weird does not include skipping your SPF!

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