VI Chemical Peel

Written by: Brielle Kirk, PA-C

Want to get a chemical peel but afraid of potential pain and irritation? In that case, the VI Peel would be great for you! The VI Peel is a skin-resurfacing chemical peel that stimulates collagen regeneration and increases cellular turnover to improve skin tone and texture in just 7 days. It is considered a medium-depth peel, working at the papillary dermis level. This peel is great for all skin types and colors, and is known to be extremely well tolerated. It is not painful and irritation is minimal. The main formulation consists of 5 different acids: trichloroacetic acid (TCA), retinoic acid (Vitamin A), salicylic acid, phenol and l-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), salicylic acid, and thenoic acid. The thenoic acid has a numbing agent, which can make it a great treatment right before receiving Botox.

There are 5 different types of VI Peels:
1. VI Peel Original – described above. Best for improvements in tone and texture. Good for people with sensitive skin and recommended for those in their 20s. This would be appropriate for someone with the condition called Keratosis Pilaris aka “Chicken Skin” and for those with Rosacea.
2. VI Peel Advanced (previously called VI Peel Precision) – same formulation as the VI peel original, yet provides 25% more product and serves as a “booster.” This will allow for additional passes and/or can cover more surface area to treat additional areas, such as the neck and chest. This would be great for those in the 40+ age group to target fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.
3. VI Peel Precision Plus – this builds on the VI Peel Advanced by adding extra ingredients to target hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Hydroquinone is used to lighten and inhibit pigmentation while exfoliating to create a glowing even skin tone. Kojic Acid is used to help fight discoloration and brighten the skin, and hydrocortisone is added to decrease inflammation and redness. This would be really great for someone suffering with Melasma.
4. VI Peel Purify – this builds on the VI Peel Original by adding ingredients that help target active acne, acne-prone skin, and oily skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is added, which helps treat and prevent acne. Kojic Acid and hydrocortisone are added as well for the effects described above. Can also be used to treat “backne” (acne on the back). This peel is also appropriate for teenagers suffering from acne, and is indicated for ages 13+.
5. VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus – combines all of the products/ingredients above to combat all of the issues detailed above, yet is especially good for acne and acne scarring. This peel is great for darker skin tones, as these skin types tend to suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Usually, 2-4 treatments total spaced around 4 weeks apart are needed, but please schedule with a provider/esthetician for an individualized treatment plan, for everyone is different! All VI Peels come with a take home kit, which contains a cleanser, post-peel toilettes, anti-itch cream, and SPF. This kit will be used for the next 7 days after treatment. Be sure to download the VI Peel App, which is super helpful with post-peel instructions,  documentation, and FAQs. It is important to avoid excessive sweating, heat, and exercise for the next 72-96 hours due to risk of increased hyperpigmentation and blistering of the skin. Skin peeling should be expected to start within the next 2-4 days post peel. Also, DO NOT PICK AT YOUR SKIN! I know it’s tempting, but just let the skin fall off on its own!

If you have any further questions about the VI Peels, please call our office to schedule a consultation! We would love to educate you further and get your skin looking clear and smooth!

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