Botox: How I Lift My Hooded Eyes As I Age

By Kristan Braziel, Freelance Writer and Marketing Specialist


When someone says they have hooded eyes, that means they have skin under their brow bone that overlaps the crease of the eyelid. As you age, gravity starts to pull that skin down further and further, making your eyes look heavy and tired.

As I went through my 40’s I noticed the heaviness increasing, and an aesthetician friend suggested Botox. Before that conversation, I’d always thought Botox was just for softening lines and wrinkles, and helping prevent new ones. 

But Josh Iffla, co-owner of L Aesthetics & Longevity (and my favorite injector), explained that when injected strategically, Botox can be used to softly lift the eyebrows, lifting that skin and opening up the eyes.

Initially, I would go for injections when I began to notice my eyelids looking heavy again, as the Botox would wear off. But I started feeling like the angry cat meme, so now I just put it in my calendar to get in about once every three months. 

When I look back at pictures of myself in my early 40’s, it’s clear that I look younger now than I did then. Getting Botox to lift my hooded eyes has taken years off my life!


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