Once Upon A Time…Hyperpigmentation Scare

By Madison McDaniel

Picture this….. you are in Sephora, you’ve been shopping all day, you just had a lovely brunch with some Mimosas on the side, and you are in a FABULOUS mood. As you are browsing all the black and white colored shelves a cute store associate comes over, and tells you all about this new skincare line they carry. Her skin looks amazing, the bottle’s pretty, and the skincare company has a celebrity’s name attached to it… you’re SOLD. 

Later that night, you get home and you’re unpacking all your shopping bags, you see your new Cleanser and Moisturizer, you go straight to the bathroom to try your new products. After you’ve finished your nighttime routine you look in the mirror and your skin looks…. okay. You’re a little less excited now, but ever the optimist you wait until the morning to see if there’s any difference. You wake up, look in the mirror and see horrible, huge, red itchy blotches all over your face that was flawless less than 24 hours ago. Frantic, you run to your skincare cabinet and grab the new bottles of moisturizer and cleanser. On the back of the bottle listed in the middle of the product list you see an unknown fragrance listed as “parfum”, your heart plummets and then you see….. “Alcohol” you faint. 

After waking up and going to the Dermatologist, he’s prescribed you some cream and mentioned the risk of Hyperpigmentation from you scratching your face. You do, in fact, have some scarring and Google “How to get Rid of Hyperpigmentation and Scarring”. It mentions a laser treatment called BBL or IPL, you then Google places that offer BBL/IPL and then it pops up….the answer to your dreams:

                                                     L Aesthetics & Longevity!

This little piece of Heaven offers Skincare, Free Consultations, monthly memberships to help you work on your Hyperpigmentation and even more. You end up falling in love with the aesthetics, the staff, and the treatments and from that point on you and your skin live happily ever after… The End

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