Lymphatic Draining

Written by Rebecca Marroquin, L.E
System is a crucial part of out immune system.  It is a network made up of hundred of lymph nodes all throughout our body which transports lymph fluids back into our bloodstream. This is designed to remove toxins and bodily waste and carries white blood cells that help prevent infections.
However, when obstruction occurs this can cause issues with the fluid buildup in the system. Unlike our hearts that continuously pump blood throughout our body, the Lymphatic System needs some assistance to keep  fluids moving if gets backed up.  Known as Lymphatic Drainage Massage(LDM) or Manual Lymph Drainage this technique was developed in the 1930’s to treat chronic swelling that would occur after surgical procedures where the lymph nodes were removed.
Over the years performing Lymphatic Drainage Massages have proven to be beneficial in many ways from post surgical procedure aftercare used to speed up healing to reducing cellulite in the body and used by Estheticians as a way to improve circulation in facial treatments.
*Boosts immune system
*Helps minimize scarring
*Helps the body healing quicker after surgical trauma
*Improve cellulite
*Reduces skin swelling and inflammation
*Aids in acne treatment
*Reduces water retention
*Removes metabolic waste, toxins and bacteria
Also, lighter versions of Lymphatic Drainage Massage is something you can do at home as well.  Incorporating circular dry brushing stimulates lymph nodes as well as circulation, following at home facial maps with light massage stones, and even now facial cups have been going mainstream as home care treatments.
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