Make Your Home Allergy Free

By Melissa Miller



One Thing You Can Do In Each Room Of Your House To Make An Allergy Free Home



 With allergy season upon us, you might be one of the 50 million people Americans experiencing the awful symptoms. 


Seasonal allergies are allergies that occur during any season around the year. These occur due to the spores released by certain plants, trees and weeds to pollinate and fertilize other plants. These spores and pollen particles drift in the air and enter our bodies, activating our defense mechanism.


The two worst seasons for seasonal allergies, also known as “hay fever,” across the U.S. are fall and winter. Here in Texas we have many to choose from. Ragweed, cedar, grass and mold to name a few. To prepare yourself and your family for possible allergies, it’s important to get to the source of your symptoms and maintain a clean home environment. Read on to learn how to remove allergens from each room of your house and prevent them from coming back in.



Living Room

Check filters

Making sure that your home is properly ventilated is the first step to help eliminate allergens from the air. Paper filters that are ordinarily used in your furnace and air conditioner are designed to trap large particles like dust that can accumulate on the motor and fans.

However, particles like mold, bacteria, and certain types of pollen are much smaller in size, so they slip through the fibers of those regular filters—meaning they get circulated through your ductwork and blown back into your space. Make sure you use HEPA air filters and replace them regularly.




Wash rugs and bath mats

On laundry day, don’t forget to wash any bathroom rugs or bath mats that have been used to soak up moisture and water near the shower or tub.

Not only can these rugs and bath mats collect dust and dirt, but they can store harmful mold as they soak up moisture and water near the shower or tub. Opting for bathroom rugs that are machine washable will make this weekly task easier.




 Wash your bedding

 Your bedding accessories are a great place for microscopic dust mites to burrow. Since we spend nearly one third of our lives in bed, it’s very important to maintain clean bedding to reduce your exposure to dust mites and prevent a potential allergic reaction.

Adding a few additional layers of protection to your mattress and pillows, like dust-proof or allergen-blocking covers, makes it easy to keep your bed free of dust mites.




Clean the refrigerator

 Your refrigerator is prone to moisture buildup, which can promote mold growth, so make sure you are wiping up any excessive moisture. Also, make a note to regularly check for out-of-date food and toss it out to avoid mold growth.

Additionally, the dripping pan is a great place for allergens to live. Regularly empty and clean this out as needed, and remember to replace any moldy rubber seals around your refrigerator door.


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