Estrogen production with BioTE

Written  by: Katie Ladner, L.E

As us women enter menopause, their internal estrogen production sharply declines resulting in estrogen deficiency. This starts to exacerbate the effects of both normal and environmental skin aging. According to some new scientific study published last year, estrogens prevent skin aging. They increase skin thickness and improve skin moisture.  They are now finding there is a strong correlation between skin collagen loss and estrogen deficiency.  Collagen atrophy is a major factor in skin aging. So you might be asking yourself how do I combat estrogen definition to stay more youthful?

I suggest my clients get a blood test to see where their hormones are at in order to balance out their bodies and see what the body needs to run optimally. At L Aesthetics we provide BioTe hormone therapy. I myself just started testosterone therapy this year because I was all out of balance. Since receiving my pellet I have slept better, had more oil production in my skin and felt less brain fog. It has even changed my workout performance.
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