No Downtime, “No- Peel” Chemical Peel

By Natalie Ledbetter CRNA, DAcOM

Have you heard of the no downtime, “no-peel” chemical peel? It is the PRX-T33 peel and I just discovered it and I’m a huge fan! I am in the middle of a series of 4 of these chemical peels, one a week for four weeks and my skin already looks amazing! I have had multiple people tell me my skin is glowing and I am only halfway through the series.

The no downtime, no-peel chemical peel

Normally I would not do a chemical peel in the spring/summer because my skin would be more sensitive to the sun. And truthfully, I don’t typically like chemical peels for myself because I don’t like to look like a lizard with all the flaking skin.

This peel is different! The PRX-T33 Peel works differently than other peels by Not causing peeling, by leaving the top layer of skin in place so it protects the skin underneath. It goes deep and targets the dermis where the fibroblasts live. The ingredients stimulate the fibroblasts to make more collagen and elastin resulting in tighter skin. The ingredients also stimulate skin cell turnover, so you get fresh new skin cells.

PRX-T33 contains trichloroacetic acid (TCA) as well as kojic acid and hydrogen peroxide. These additional ingredients drive the TCA deeper into the skin to decrease the peeling that usually happens with chemical peels. They also decrease inflammation in the skin and slow down melanin production helping to decrease brown patches and spots.

The effects of this “no-downtime” chemical peel include:

               Increased skin hydration

               Minimizing of pores

               Decreased appearance of scars

               Lifting and tightening of saggy skin

               Brightening and lightening of skin tone

               Decreases appearance of stretch marks

This treatment fits easily into even your busy lifestyle! You do one quick peel a week for 4 weeks and then you are done. Each peel takes less than 30 minutes to perform and there is no downtime and no photosensitivity. You can wear sunscreen and make up immediately after, if you wish, and there are no activity limitations and usually no peeling.

This peel can be used on almost all other body areas, too such as stomach, neck, chest, thighs, buttocks, and hands to brighten, lighten, and tighten and treat stretch marks and scarring.

If you are like me and don’t like chemical peels because you don’t like to peel and you don’t want to avoid the sun this summer, this amazing treatment might be just the one for you! Especially if you want to brighten, lighten, and tighten your skin and treat scarring such as acne scars and stretch marks, all with no downtime!

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