Chemical peels


Amazing Skin Benefits of Chemical Peel

Noticing any new signs of aging like wrinkles? Having an uneven skin tone resulting from a severe acne breakdown? This treatment may be the one you are looking for! A chemical peel, which is a rehabilitative cosmetic procedure, may help you look younger on your face. During a chemical peel, a dermatologist will apply a …

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The no downtime, no-peel chemical peel

No Downtime, “No- Peel” Chemical Peel

By Natalie Ledbetter CRNA, DAcOM Have you heard of the no downtime, “no-peel” chemical peel? It is the PRX-T33 peel and I just discovered it and I’m a huge fan! I am in the middle of a series of 4 of these chemical peels, one a week for four weeks and my skin already looks …

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Vitamin C for healthy skin

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

By Gi Gi Spencer Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are a class of chemical compounds that occur naturally in fruits, milk and sugar cane. The most common AHA used in cosmetic products is Glycolic acid which is derived from sugar cane and lactic acid which is the substance that gives muscle burn when you exercise. Other …

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What is PIH and What Causes it?

By Gi Gi Spencer L.E.   PIH or Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is discoloration of the skin that is caused by an inflammatory wound or damage or irritation to the skin, and is the natural response to inflammation or irritation of the skin. PIH will appear as a flat area of discoloration on the skin that …

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