Fall is Laser and Peel Season

By Katie Ladner L.E.


Right now we are turning a corner; we’re at the end of summer and waiting for the fall season.
Fall season is my favorite season. I love decorating for fall and Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes.
How exciting! But what excites me the most is fall is laser and peel season!


Laser treatments are perfect in the fall
Fall is the perfect season for laser treatments.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself I didn’t know there was a season for peels and lasers?! Yes
there is, my beauties, rhyme and reason for everything! Because we are out in the sun in the
summer it’s not preferable to do lasers or chemical peels during this time.

For laser treatment you want to be out of the sun for two weeks prior to a treatment and one week after a treatment.
With chemical peels you want to be out of the sun a few days prior to a treatment and up to 10 to 14
days after a treatment. Some people don’t want to give up this valuable time that they have in
the summer in order to take the spots of their face and work on their pigmentation. It is also not
recommended to do such things in the summer because it could actually trigger melanin
reactions. So this is why when it gets into the fall/winter season we work really hard to take off
that summer sun damage.

Now is the time to start consulting with your aesthetician to get on a program of laser and
chemical peel treatments in order to achieve your results by the holidays for all those family
pictures. It definitely can take longer than three months to achieve your results, depending on your skin issues,
but starting now to reach some or all of your goals is key.

Also don’t forget if you have been contemplating laser hair removal now is the time to start. It
takes at least 8 sessions in order to get permanent hair reduction. Knowing that you’re going to
schedule the treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart, you definitely need to allow for some time to
achieve your goal by next spring/summer time.

If you want to look your best for all the upcoming events, jump on the computer and make your appointment ASAP to look holiday


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