Beauty Dictionary Lip Chart Trend

By Natalie Ledbetter CRNA, DAcOM


What is the beauty dictionary lip chart trend? I was wondering that myself when I had multiple clients here in Austin mention it to me when they came in for their lip filler recently. What I discovered is that the lip chart TikTok trend involves taking a picture of a lip chart on Google and then using the TikTok “Green Screen Eyes and Mouth” or Snapchat “Eyes and Mouth” filter, you place your mouth over the mouths on the lip chart to see what shape lips you have.

The lip shapes listed on the lip charts include such titles as full lips, heavy upper lip, wide lips, round lips, heavy lower lip, thin lips, bow shaped lips, heart shaped lips, and downward turned lips. Human lips come naturally in many shapes and sizes and all lips are beautiful. Even if they are small or thin, uneven, or super big, lips look nice on a face and are very functional. Just think of what you would look like with absolutely no lips at all.

Without lips it would be very difficult to enjoy a meal without getting food and drink everywhere. Lips are sensual and sensitive to touch. Lips can be used as an “accessory” with fun colored lipstick and to highlight the face.

Lip chart
Lips come in all shapes and sizes

What  can you do if you don’t like your lips? Depending on what it is that you don’t like about them, there could be an easy fix. An injection artist can plump your lips or change the shape of them somewhat with filler. Botox can be used to do a “lip flip” which is subtle but rolls the red part of the lip out just a bit so it shows more. If your lips are long from the nose to the lip and super rolled under, you have scarring, or you have a structural difference from birth such as a cleft lip, then surgery may be your best option if you want to change what you have.

Sometimes as we age, we want to get our lips back to how they once were. We lose volume in our lips and face over time and our lip shape can change. I have always had plump lips with a pronounced cupid’s bow until I hit my 50s. Then I noticed my lips losing volume, getting thinner, and the corners starting to turn down. I addressed this with a little filler and Botox and now MY lips are back. Yay!

No matter the shape of your lips, if you don’t love them, we can probably help or can direct you to a surgeon who can. If you live in the Austin, Texas area give us a call at L Aesthetics and Longevity for a free consultation with one of our injection artists. We have 4 local Austin area locations to serve your Botox and filler needs.


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