Peptides and Why we Need Them

By Katie Ladner L.E.

There are various types of peptides and we need them for proper functioning  in our body! Whether you take them internally, give them to yourself as injections, or use them
topically, the end game is for anti-aging. Peptides can help with the aging process as well as for depigmenting skin.
Recent studies have shown that when ingested, they can help with slowing down the aging
process while helping reduce inflammation and destroy unhealthy microbes.

Peptides can be good for the skin
Peptides for Glowing skin? Yes, please!

Don’t confuse proteins with peptides though. Both are made up of amino acids  and are necessary for optimal health and function of the processes in the body, but peptides have fewer
amino acids than proteins.

Peptides are all the rage and today supplement companies are using peptides in their
formulas whether it’s a collagen peptide for skin or a creatine for muscles.

Whatever peptide you are into, the benefits can be significant. They can help lower blood
pressure, improve immunity, reduce inflammation, prevention of blood clots and act as an antioxidant.
Ingesting collagen peptides slows down the aging process by improving skin’s elasticity
in turn reducing wrinkles.

Some studies have shown that peptides can help stimulate
melanin which improves skin’s protection from the sun. Topical use can help
reduce wrinkles, increase blood flow and help with firming skin.

Overall the benefits of using peptides internally and topically help improve appearance
and body function. Check with your provider prior to starting any supplement.


If you are interested in more information about peptides, check out this episode of Fredrickson Health Solutions with our own Dr. Billy and Dr. Natalie Ledbetter.

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