Peptides have changed the lives of many people for the better, but what are they?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, typically comprising 2 to 50 amino acids. Amino acids are also the building blocks of proteins, but peptides are shorter in length than proteins and cross membranes more easily.

Bioactive peptides have a beneficial effect on the body by acting as messengers and may positively impact human health in many ways. Different bioactive peptides have different properties. The effects they have on the body depend on the sequence of amino acids they contain.

Some peptides act like neurotransmitters, while others act like hormones. Many control and influence how our bodies react to diet and physical exercise.

As we age, the natural production of essential amino acids and peptides decreases. As a result, our bodies begin to show signs of aging. Peptide supplementation can boost your body’s own natural growth hormone production and improve many functions in your body with little to no side effects, depending on the peptide administered.

Recent research indicates that some types of peptides have a beneficial role in slowing down the aging process, reducing inflammation, increasing muscle building properties, and destroying microbes, plus other positive effects.

Because of both their small size and lack of organized structure, peptides tend to be able to sneak through spaces where larger proteins can't fit, thus they can penetrate the walls of the intestines, human skin, and in some cases even the membranes surrounding cells. They can quickly get to the bloodstream to go where they are needed.

Many biopeptides are produced when food is broken down in the gut so it is not surprising that many of these mini proteins have an effect on satiety, appetite, or how the body digests food. 

In the world of health and fitness, peptides are used for increasing energy, burning fat, building muscle and, faster recovery time, quicker healing of injuries, and improving athletic ability.

Peptides have been designed to stimulate specific receptors so your results can be tailored to your needs by our medical team.

Due to the potential health benefits of peptides, many over the counter supplements and medical prescriptions are now available that contain peptides derived either from food, animals, and plants, or made synthetically.

 Peptides may be taken orally, injected, taken intranasally, or rubbed on the skin depending on the peptide. 

Because peptides are specific messengers that direct important functions in the body, it is important to make sure you are getting a safe and pure product, and one that does what you need it to do. Call for a consultation with Dr Billy or Dr Natalie Ledbetter to see how peptides can help you look and feel your best.


Peptides may be used to:

Increase libido 

Increase duration and quality of erections 

Change body composition by increasing muscle formation and decreasing fat deposition 

Increase energy 

Improve workout and recovery ability

Improve cognitive function 

Help wounds heal faster 

Help produce a natural tan without suntanning or tanning beds 

Heal the gut 

Help the body repair tendons and ligaments 

Regulate the body's response to stress 

Promote improved quality and quantity of sleep 

Boost the immune system 

Improve cognition 

 It is important to get your peptides from a reputable manufacturer and have a medical provider experienced with peptides guiding your treatment to avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous complications. We would be happy to help you discover what peptides would be helpful for you. Our suppliers are FDA certified and we have researched them fully to make sure they provide a quality product.


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