What is Vibrational or Frequency Healing?

By Katie Ladner, LE

For years western medicine laughed off vibrational or frequency (energy) healing at pretty much “quackery”. Now over the last several years energy healing has become a part of integrative medicine. Its gaining popularity with people seeking healing from energetic blocks from trauma, grief, loss, sexual abuse, and every day stress and fatigue. Some integrative physicians are now saying antidepressants are not the go to anymore.

You must be asking yourself, “Why do  I need this rather than taking a drug?” Negative energy impressions collect in our bodies over time and dirty up our energy field. Once we start doing energy work and clearing out the clutter and dust we now are able to get clarity, a renewed sense of vitality, and have a clear path to walk. Once your energy fields are cleared, healing for all kinds of ailments

Facial cupping
Facial Cupping in Austin

can occur.  You may not need a medication or if you chose to use one, it may work better. So now physicians, therapists and healers are not just fixing the symptoms but fixing the root cause of these physical symptoms with energy healing. Healers are now coming to the conclusion that the cause of these symptoms are relating to emotional traumas. Emotions that have been belittled and held in can affect the body in numerous ways. Most everyone has experienced this in one way or another.

Frequency & your health

Researchers have found that the frequency range of the human body ranges between 62 to 68 MHz and when it drops below the average range we may be subject to disease.



Frequencies at or below which these conditions can occur:

Cold symptoms 58 MHz

Flu symptoms 57 MHz

Candida 55 MHz

Epstein Bar 52MHz

Cancer 42MHz

How can we start healing ourselves and keeping our bodies’ frequencies high? First we need to start working on emotional issues. Get out in nature, take a hike and clear your mind, do yoga to calm the mind, talk to a therapist, exercise, etc. Do what makes you happy to clear your emotional pathway.

Next is raising your frequency using frequency healing. Everyday our bodies come into contact with free radicals and toxins to bring us down. Our bodies use antioxidants to fight off this negative energy. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C and take supplements such as glutathione, MNM, B12, and NR to keep your energy level high. Doing yoga and breath work also help release negative emotions and support positive emotions.

How do we use energy and frequencies here at L Aesthetics and Longevity?

Essential Oils

Essential oils also help raise your frequency. In fact some researchers and energy healers believe essential oils have the highest frequency known to man! In my practice for 20 years as an esthetician I have always incorporated essential oils into my healing facials to heal and uplift my clients.

I am excited to be an aesthetician in Austin, Texas now and use essential oils in my Austin facials. It’s not just for aromatherapy, but for healing my client with what they need during the facial. I add essential oils to my hot steamed towels, bowl of water for cleansing, and facial massage. Most of my clients tell me that my oils make them feel happier and relaxed for the day. I also have clients ask me for my secret blends and recipes because their skin has never felt better.

I feel like I was put on this earth to help heal people. Finding my niche as a healing esthetician is my life path. I use essential oils, gua sha, facial cupping, and healing touch in my facials as needed with clients. If I can help raise someone’s frequency or give them the right tools to help them heal themselves brings me joy.


Interested in more holistic healing options available at L Aesthetics and Longevity and available for home use?

Katie Ladner
Austin Aesthetician

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