CoolSculpting Elite is HERE!!

Written by: Lauren Klein


It’s here and we are so excited to be the first practice in Austin to offer Coolsculpting Elite to our patients. We have the Coolsculpting Elite at all four of our offices. You can find it at  L Aesthetics and Longevity in Bee Cave, Evo in Lakeway, Jon Ric in Leander, and 7 MedSpa on  Burnet Rd. The new C cup design of Coolsculpting Elite allows for more tissue contact, more  suction, more even cooling of the fat and faster treatment times. If you have heard about it but  want to know more, here is the scoop on the

New C cup design- Pulls in more tissues, getting more contact while freezing more fat, giving you better and faster results! 

The applicators now named by there specific shape and series;

CURVE Series, FLAT Series and  SURFACE Series

(Curve 80, Curve 120, Curve 150 and Curve 240. Flat 125 and Flat 165 and Surface 150ll )


What areas can CoolSculpting Elite treat?

Its FDA approved to treat the following:

  1. Cin/Jawline
  2. Chest/Pecks
  3. Arms
  4. Abdomen
  5. Flanks
  6. Bra Fat
  7. Buttocks
  8. Inner/Outter Thigh




How much does CoolSculpting Elite cost? The cost of the CoolSculpting Elite treatment is determined at the time of your consultation when you discuss your areas of concern as well has how many applicators and what type of applicator to be used.What is the difference between CoolSculpting Elite and CoolSculpting?

We all loved the CoolSculpting technology but who doesn’t like bigger and better? Along with the new obsession and ease with the new C Cup shaping, be able to address two areas to treat at the same time with one machine cuts the treatment time down and also allows for quick results!

Does CoolSculpting Elite hurt?

The new C cup design, allows for a more gentle suction while cooling evenly disperses the treatment area. Of course it will be a freezing feeling but like most things, after being cold for a minute or so the sensation you will feel is numb which is absolutely normal and allows for a more comfortable experience.


To find out if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting ELITE please call any of our 4 Austin-area locations for your complimentary consultation!

Bee Caves (512) 505-8645

Lakeway   (512) 730-3988

Leander    (512) 986-7151

Burnet Rd (512) 505-8645


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