Is the TikTok-viral ‘Parasite Cleanse’ worth the hype?

By Katie Ladner, L.E.

Right now there are so many TikToks out there about parasite cleanses so I thought I would try one for myself to see if it lived up to the hype. And my answer is YES YES YES! I would like to state I am not a doctor and this is strictly my opinion on how I felt during the cleanse. Not all cleanses are for everyone.

After reading reviews and investigating which parasite cleanse was good for me I chose the Paraguard cleanse by Zahler. The reviews on this product are entertaining, informative, and even some people had pictures which were, shall I say, interesting. I suggest taking a dive into those reviews so you have an idea of what you’re in for.

A little about my health and lifestyle, I have suffered from gut issues since I was 19 years old. I have battled candida in my gut thinking I for certain have an autoimmune since I can not eat or even look at gluten. Dairy also bothers me with getting bloat and digestive issues from it. If I don’t stick to a protein and veggie diet I can not lose weight. In fact I have ventured down a lectin free diet as well but that’s another blog.  I am always game for a new cleanse or diet that can help eliminate inflammation and bloat from my body. So needless to say when I saw parasite cleanses popping up almost every other video I felt it was a sign to give it a whirl. 

Starting on the Zahler parasite cleanse day 1-3 I was exhausted with headaches and brain fog just like everyone in the reviews said. That is the die off period of the parasites and just like clock work on day 3 holy batman the parasites started coming out. After day 3 my headaches, brain fog and exhaustion improved. However, now that I am approaching day 10 and thinking I am at the end of my cycle, I feel like my body still wants to expel. I started getting symptoms again of the die off so I am going to continue for another 10 days. This protocol is not in the instructions but I felt that this is what my body wanted.

In my opinion I believe the Paraguard parasite cleanse is totally worth it. My stomach hasn’t been this flat since before my children and my body is feeling so much better. I definitely will continue to do cycles of this cleanse when I am not feeling right. If you are having weird symptoms with digestive issues it is worth a try to do a cleanse.

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